How Do I Buy or Place An Order?

We are working hard to get our full collection on our website, but we are having a hard time keeping up with demand! Keep check back and we should have the full lineup soon! Unfortunately we are not a print shop, so we can not take custom orders, but if we are out of a specific saying or size in our online store, please message us and we might be able to help you. If you prefer to shop in person we have two stores that currently carry our brand, in Santa Fe you can purchase our clothes at Mira, in Albuquerque at can set up a private viewing with Immastar Productions to purchase our clothes at their popup shop at 524 Central Avenue. or lastly you can check out our calendar and see where we are vending in Albuquerque next! If you're interested in carrying our products in your store, please message us!

Payment & Shipping

We currently accept all major credit cards both in person, and online, securely through Paypal. We ask that you give us up to 2 weeks to ship your products as we are a growing business and are working hard to keep up with our demand. We will work to send you tracking information after we ship your order, but please message us if your order doesn't receive a tracking number or if your order doesn't arrive within 3 weeks. 

Returns & Refunds

Please message us for returns or refund. We ask that you return products within a month of your purchase, and that you pay shipping fees for returns that are not related to damage or mistakes on our part. (example: wrong size, changed mind, etc). 


What is a Chola? 

Chola is defined by google as: A Latin American woman or girl with Indian blood; a mestiza. Chola identity has a long history that comes from Mexican American and Chicanos living in the Los Angeles and other areas of the Southwest United States. For the most part Chola history, culture, and fashion has been wrongfully misrepresented, appropriated, or just completely ignored by mainstream media and fashion. For this reason Cholas and Cholos have also been stereotyped as gang members, and that stereotype has been used to systematically opress and criminalize the Mexican American community.


For us Cholas culture was an important part of our history and roots. We were inspired by Cholas growing up, not just because of their amazing style and fashion sense, but also because the Cholas we knew held shit down in home, the workplace, and in the community. They were our symbol of feminism, even if they wouldn't have called themselves a feminist, or even a Chola. As we grew into teenager, we maybe wouldn't have called ourselves Cholas, but it didn't stop the world around us from labeling us as such.  Now we reclaim our Chola identity. We believe Chola style, and identity has moved into the 21st century, and we want to ensure that our style isn't culturally appropriated, mocked, or stereotyped. When you buy an All Chola product, you are empowering a chicana chola owned business, to be on the forefront of changing the fashion game, uplifting our identity and history, and you're a part of more than a t-shirt company, you're a part of a movement!


Can I buy or wear your clothes if I do not identify as a Chola, or Latino?

The short answer is yes of course! All of our clothes have fun, unique chicano created designs and saying that could be worn by anyone, but we ask that when purchasing you understand that All Chola is not a joke, or a costume. You don't have to be Latino to wear our clothes, but it does help if you are down to learn and respect Chola history. The question is, "Are you down?".


For more information Chola fashion, history, and appropriation please check out these dope articles by Vice, The Guardian, and Latinos Rebels.