Chola: That’s Who I Am by Latino Rebels

At times individuals possess a deep compulsion that forces them to stand firm to their convictions even though those around deride and vilify them. Life can become a continuous struggle to retain the essence of who you are while the rest of society insists you conform to a set of norms that dictate your behavior, attitude and desires. Cholas have always presented what I term a beautiful contradiction—women who have always strived to possess a femininity that is traditional and steeped within Mexican-American culture and one that can be seen as progressive and abrasive at the same time. Cholas are often spoken about as a sub-culture that in today’s society is both maligned and mined for aspects of its style but they are much more. Cholas are young women who like their pachuca forebears have been able to carve out an identity deeply rooted in culture and customs as a means of maintaining their Mexican-American identity in the face of persecution and oppression.


  • Jan 30, 2018
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